Standard Product Series

Adapter Boards

12 Ball BGA Adapter – #PC6012FBR40


  • 9 ball BGA to .100" spacing DIP.
  • .40mm ball pitch
  • Allows easy mounting your BGA to your development board
  • Shipped with hand solder paste stencil, 3.0 cm square.
  • Inquire directly about shipping with BGA mounted


Adapter allows convenient mounting of your BGA packages to a general purpose, .100″ grid breadboard.  Offered in multiple ball counts from 4 to 25 and designed around the TI WLCSP (DSBGA ) BGA pin outs.  For easy solder pasting, all adapters are shipped with a hand stencil, 3cm x 3cm.  Proper registration of the stencil is achieved by mounting on the tops of the DIP pins.  Use a brush or small flat applicator as a squeegee.

Works with Precision PCBS series PC40, PC45, PCPG47 breadboards, all available on Digikey.


  • FR4 Substrate
  • ENIG final finish
  • 12 mounting pins, .030" sq. , Tin/Nickel plating
  • Substrate dim .700" x .400"x .062"
  • Solder paste stencil dimensions 3.0cm x 3.0cm x .10mm