Prototyping Boards

General Purpose Breadboards

2.0″ x 3.0″ Sets of 4 w/ Pwr and Gnd – #PCPG47-1oz-2030


  • 2.0" x 3.0" x .062" with ,100" grid layout
  • Standard 1oz copper plating top, bottom, and plated holes
  • Round pads on top / Square pads on the bottom for discrete SMD placement
  • 2 sections of pads connected in sets of 4 per row for faster interconnects.
  • Expanded Ground plane connected to a ground bus in the center
  • Isolated power and ground columns on left side and right side.


Standard 1OZ copper board series.  Versatile 2″ x 3″, .100″ grid.  Pads connected in sets of 4.  Power and ground connections on each side PLUS expanded ground path through the center and out to the board edges.  Ground connected to 4 plated through mounting holes .125″ diameter. The top side has round annular rings and the bottom side has square rings providing easier attachment of SMD discrete components.


  • FR4, Safety Agency approved construction, Tg-135 laminate
  • 1oz copper top and bottom including plated holes
  • Lead free solder finish providing longer shelf life than ENIG
  • PTH are .042" diameter; annular rings are .014" wide
  • Square bottom pads are .07" x .07"