Prototyping Boards

General Purpose Breadboards

6.0″ x 9.0″ Pads in Sets of 5 / Power and Ground – Part # PCPG476090


  • 6.0" x 9.0" x .063" with .100" Grid
  • 2oz copper top and bottom for soldering durability and extra power handling.
  • Round pads top side / Square pads bottom side for discrete SMD placement
  • 3000 + pads organized with a power and ground on either side with a ground plane connected down the center.
  • Perimeter ground plane connected to center ground column for earth ground and shielding.
  • 30 columns of pads connected in sets of 5 plus 4 columns of pads connected in pairs.
  • Designd for larger projects requiring ease of rail connections and shielding as necessary


The Tough Board series. Amazingly complete development board.  Large rugged standard FR4 material with a Tg-170 rating and 2oz copper each side allowing multiple soldering attempts and moderate power handling.  3000 plus pads and 4, .125″ mounting holes.  Top pads are round, bottom pads are square allowing use of discrete SMD components. Power and ground rails on 2 sides plus a ground shield in the center circling the perimeter.  Pads connected in sets of 5 for speedy assembly.



  • FR4, Safety Agency approved construction
  • Tg-170 substrate provides multiple soldering attempts without fear of damaging the substrate.
  • 2oz copper for soldering durability and extra power handling.
  • Lead free solder finish providing longer shelf life than ENIG.
  • PTH are .042" diameter ; annular rings are .014"wide
  • Square pads are .07" x .07"