Prototyping Boards

General Purpose Breadboards

Mid Size 4.0” x 6.0” General Purpose Breadboard – Part# PC404060


  • 4.0" x 6.0" x .063" with .100" grid
  • 2oz copper top and bottom for soldering durability and improved pwr handling vs. 1oz copper
  • Round pads on top / Square pads on the bottom for placement of discrete SMD components.
  • No traces connecting pads ( isolated pads ) giving you maximum placement flexibility
  • 1581 mounting locations and 4 board mounting hole, .125" diameter
  • X,Y coordinates marked on the rows and columns, top side and bottom side,for fast pad identification


The Tough Board series. This is a mid size general purpose, .100” grid breadboard useful for taking your design from schematic to hardware.  The substrate is a rugged FR4 with a Tg-170 rating and 2 ounce copper each side for soldering durability and improved power handling vs. 1oz copper.  The square pads will accommodate several sizes of discrete SMD components. This model has no traces between holes which gives you the maximum flexibility to experiment with your layout. In addition to the 1581 isolated mounting pads, we provide 4, .250″ mounting holes.


  • FR4, safety agency approved materials.
  • Tg-170 rated substrate provides multiple soldering attempts without fear of damaging the substrate.
  • Lead free solder finish providing longer shelf life than ENIG.
  • 2oz copper for soldering durability and extra power handling.
  • PTH are .042” diameter ; annular ring .014” wide.
  • Square pads are .07” x .07”.